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Home improvement project can be so much fun. You get to give the place you love the most, your home, a makeover. And you get to take pride in doing it yourself while learning a million things along the way. The same goes for car repair and car improvement projects. The thrill of, say, restoring your dad’s old car is unmatched.

These projects are brilliant for your heart and soul and your house (or car)! But there is a little problem that you need to deal with once the projects are over. And that is disposing off all the scrap metal you would have accumulated along the way.

But How Do You Do That?

It’s simple. Contact Iowa City’s metal scrap removal team,  Hawkeye Junk Removal, to get a free estimate and schedule an appointment. Once you are on board, our team will come in and do all the heavy lifting and leave your house scrap metal-free.

Scrap Metal Removal
Iowa City Metal Scrap Pick Up | Metal Removal & Haul Away

What Is Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal is waste metal or metal that is left over. This can range from waste aluminum cans to metal rods and sheets. Have you just upgraded the plumbing in your house? Then you will have old copper pipes lying around. In a nutshell, all the metallic junk that accumulates in your house constitutes scrap metal. If you need this kind of scrap metal picked up in Iowa City or the surrounding area, give Hawkeye a today.

All the items made from any of the following metals can be classified under scrap:

1) Aluminum – Think of waste soda cans, old bike frames, car parts, gaming consoles. All have significant amount of aluminum in them.

2) Copper – Old electrical appliances, old pipes from a plumbing upgrade lying around your home will most likely be made of copper.

3) Brass – A lot of the old objects are likely to be made of brass. For example, old candle stands, bed frames, door frames and door knockers. If it looks like something you have is made of gold, and you know for sure that it isn’t, rest assured its made of brass.

4) Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is an alloy. This means that it is a combination of a number of other metals such as nickel and chromium among other metals. This metal is most likely to be found in kitchen appliances, kitchen equipment and white goods.

Book an appointment today and Hawkeye pick up your scrap metal in Iowa City and the surrounding area.

Why Do We Need To Dispose Off Scrap Metal Correctly?

Now that we know what constitutes scrap metal, lets look at the top reasons why correct disposal of these items is important:

1) Can be used again and again

There is a very important difference between waste items and scrap items. Scrap metal items hold monetary value and can be reused and recycled. In fact, the metal recycling industry is huge in America and contributes a lot towards saving energy by recycling and upcycling metal parts.

2) Not picked up by standard trash picking facilities

Scrap metal is also one of those items that are almost never picked up by the municipal trash collecting services. So, it is always a good idea to consult with Hawkeye Junk Removal about scrap metal removal and disposal. Hawkeye Junk Removal is the safest option for metal scrap pick up and haul away in Iowa City.

3) Having scrap metal at home is hazardous

It is never a good idea to have scrap at home, no matter how well you think you have stored it. If you do not have the necessary experience and the right tools, moving scrap metal parts can be very dangerous. And it can hurt you and damage your house. This point becomes even more important if you have kids or pets at home.

Have more questions about the process? Our metal scrap pick up team in Iowa City will be more than happy to clarify all your doubts regarding scrap metal removal and make sure we leave your house scrap metal free.

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